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When the Israeli government almost installed ISIS on the shores of the Sea of Galilee


1.  When the Israeli government almost installed ISIS on the shore of the Kinneret

By Steven Plaut


    It is truly maddening to consider how close Israel came to turning the Golan Heights over to Syria in the year 2000 and how close Israel came to having hordes of ISIS terrorists sitting smack on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, directly across from Tiberias.


     In the year 2000 the Israeli Labor Party ruled the country and Ehud Barak was Prime Minister.  Negotiations were being conducted about a complete and total Israeli "withdrawal" from the Golan Heights.   The Syrian border would have moved to the shores of the Sea of Galilee and Syria would have been granted water rights to the Kinneret.  This took place under the coaxing of Barak's party's "doves" and especially Itamar Rabinovich, a past president of Tel Aviv University, a relative of Yitzhak Rabin, and an ex-Ambassador to the US.   Rabinovich saw himself as some sort of authority on Syria and led the Labor-Left's campaign to strike a deal-at-any-cost with Syria. 


     Israel in fact did offer Syria the entire Golan Heights, only to find that the Syrians were demanding MORE than that.  In what can only have been a divinely decreed miracle, the deal did not go through.  Like with Pharoah, the Assad dictator's heart was hardened mysteriously, and he failed to grab the prize when it was proffered.  Here is the Le Monde report on what appeared in 2000 to be an imminent "peace agreement":


   In reality, of course, Assad was offered everything including the kitchen plate.   Since then the Israeli Left has invented a new Pseudo-History of this episode, claiming Barak was in fact holding back and not making "enough" concessions to Assad.  After all, Barak failed to offer Assad all of Rabinovich's Tel Aviv University. 


   To read the opinion pieces and speeches in Israel from the 1999-2000 era of negotiations with Assad is to enter the Twilight Zone.  One after the other, these people hectored and browbeat the Israeli public about what a wonderful and unique historic opportunity this was.  All Israel had to do was to surrender to all of Assad's demands.   Moreover, time was of the essence.  Every second that passed without a capitulation deal to Syria would see Israel's situation worsen and would produce existential dangers for Israel.   Some of these pseudo-analyses and predictions were re-published over the past weekend by Haggai Segel in Makor Rishon, and reading them is truly eye-opening. 


    At the time I did my own small part to belay the catastrophe being planned by Rabinovich and Barak.  I published this article in 1999 in the Middle East Quarterly: ,  In it I argued that not only was time not pressing for a deal with Syria, but time was very much running AGAINST Syria, because the Syrian economy was deep in the depths of implosion. Hence Israel could only benefit from stalling any attempt at reaching a deal with Syria.  Say what you wish about the myopia of economists, but THIS prediction turned out to be right smack dab on the money.  Syria indeed collapsed, and not only economically.  The article at the time gained enormous attention and excerpts ran in the Wall Street Journal.


    When Assad hardened his Pharoah's heart and rescued Israel, the drama did not end.  During the next decade or so, swarms of Israeli leftists from the Labor Party and elsewhere tried to reconstruct the "deal" that Ehud Barak almost signed, demanding that Israel enter negotiations with Syria from the last negotiation position by Barak.  In other words, start with Barak's last offer of total capitulation as the starting point and then negotiate NEW additional concessions to Syria from there.


    It should be noted, by the way, that at this point the Golan Heights have been part of the state of Israel for more than twice as long as they were ever part of the state of Syria before 1967. 

     If it had been all up to the Israeli Labor Party, ISIS terrorists would be today encamped on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, and sending out murder parties each evening into the Galilee in rowboats and rafts.   Israel was spared this fate not because of any serendipitous dose of common sense by its leaders, but thanks to the miracle of the Pharaoh-like hardening of the heart of the Assad beast.




2.  Leftists hate Peace and Jews:,7340,L-4581284,00.html



3.  Obama says he is truly shocked that Joe Biden's soldier son was using drugs.  Well:



4.  According to a survey of Jewish Israelis published in Israel Hayom today, Jewish Israelis oppose creation of any Palestinian by a huge majority of at least four to one. The minority 18.2% who support it probably do so subject to all sorts of restrictions and limitations (the exact wording of the question is not reported in the news story). Even larger amounts (6,5 to 1 opposed) oppose creation of a Palestinian state if it involves Israeli withdrawal from the Jordan Valley. SO what are we to make of all those blubberings by Shimon Peres and the Israeli Left that there is near-consensus in Israel in favor of creation of a Palestinian state? I suspect that the proportion of Israelis who support the death penalty for traitors is far far larger than the proportion of Israelis who endorse the so-called "Two State Solution."



5.  John  Kerry thinks the Jews are to blame for the emergence of ISIS because Israel refuses to commit suicide in order to end the "Arab-Israeli Conflict." So just out of curiosity, who was it exactly who created the Viet Cong that Kerry used to support so enthusiastically?



6.  PPSSSSTTTTT! Pass it on! Obama will be setting up a new web site to fight Ebola!



7.  Caroline Glick on why the "Palestinians" should never get a state:


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The Israeli Left's Petition Fascism

Recognizing a Terror State

Posted By Steven Plaut On October 16, 2014 

So let us see if we have this straight.  The British parliament decides to "recognize" the "state" of "Palestine."    It thus reverts to exactly the same displays of courage and integrity that it showed back when Britain recognized the right to self-determination of the Sudeten Germans in 1938.   All this from Britain, the occupier of Gibraltar, the Falklands, Wales, Scotland, Ulster, and the Channel Islands.   The Brits are  joined by Sweden in a similar belch of "recognition."  You remember Sweden, the country that was too cowardly to choose a side in either World War and that provided iron ore to feed Hitler's war machine.  Yes, Sweden, which refuses to recognize the rights to self-determination of its own Samis, and whose journalists recycle medieval blood libels about Jews murdering gentiles and selling their body parts.   Other European countries are expected to follow.  Why "Palestine" is any more worthy of being "recognized" than ISIS, another terrorist gang claiming to be a state seeking "recognition," is never explained.

Now an interesting twist to the story is the demonstration of the Israeli Radical Left of its contempt for democracy and for Israeli sovereignty.  The Israeli Left, led by the tenured leftists, is willing to endorse pretty much anything that is harmful to its own country.  It has been urging European countries to "recognize the state of Palestine."   A petition was signed by dozens of Israel's most anti-Israel academics, plus some non-academic members of the Hamas Lobby.  It was organized by Amiram Goldblum from the Hebrew University, a founder of the extremist anti-Israel "Peace Now" organization, and Alon Liel, an ex-diplomat who now teaches for some reason at Tel Aviv University.  These two were earlier among the initiators and organizers of a notorious pseudo-poll that claimed falsely to show that Israeli Jews favor "apartheid."   That "poll" last year was an exercise in distortion and tendentious manipulation, designed to generate misleading "statistics."  It was thoroughly discredited by serious social scientists.

Now the same "Israel is an Apartheid Regime" propaganda team is back, rallying the rest of the anti-Israel academic Left to attempt to bypass and neutralize Israeli sovereignty.   Their initiative also reflects the utter contempt and disdain that Leftists in Israel have for democracy.

No one is stopping the Radical Left in Israel from peddling its ideological wares in the marketplace of public opinion.  In fact the Radical Left exercises unchallenged control over two of Israel's daily newspapers and also dominates all of the television and radio broadcasts.   The problem is that it has been a dramatic failure.  Its anti-Israel lobbying has fallen flat on its face.  The public simply repudiates the Left's agenda.  Treason just has not proved to be the grand vote grabber that the Left expected.   Certainly since the outbreak of the recent battles in Gaza, almost no one in Israel still favors the so-called "Two State Solution."  Almost no one is willing to see Israel "withdraw" from the West Bank and allow a Palestinian terror state to operate there.  Almost no one is willing to reward Hamas with "concessions."

The Left understands that its "ideas" have been rejected by nearly the entire Israeli political spectrum.  Since it is incapable of persuading Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it has decided instead to recruit foreign powers to "do the job" for it and bully Israel.  It demands that foreign countries and organizations hostile to Israel coerce the Jewish country into adopting the very political platform favored by the Left that is rejected by perhaps 97% of Israelis.

Goldblum, the organizer of the petition calling for European recognition of the "state of Palestine," has a long track record of calling for Europeans to suppress and override Israeli sovereignty and impose policies upon Israel from without opposed by the bulk of Israelis.   In a notorious speech before an assembly of leftists in May 2012, Goldblum was quoted as calling upon Israel's Left to stop wasting its time attempting to persuade the general public to embrace its political agenda, evidently because it is clear that the public will never do so.  Goldblum said he has no interest in the Israeli electorate and general public and called upon the radical Left to go directly to political groups abroad, outside of Israel, and recruit them as pressure groups to coerce Israel into accepting the agenda of the Israeli Left.

His comrades in Petitiongate are not very different.  Among the signers calling on Europeans to "recognize Palestine" are Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian from Tel Aviv University who is the most openly anti-Semitic "academic" in Israel, Oren Yiftachel, who has built an "academic" career by asserting that Israel is an apartheid regime, plus a gaggle of card-carrying communists, tenured anti-Semites, and Hamas aficionados.  The presence of such people on the faculties of Israeli universities tells you pretty much all you need to know about the state of academic standards here.

The only thing the signers of the petition detest more than their own country is freedom of speech.  The Israeli far Left is a fascist movement that ferociously opposes not only Israeli sovereignty but also democracy and freedom of speech for non-leftists.   Critics of leftists must be silenced and indicted, insist the Far Leftists, because the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists produces violence and it is a clear and present danger.

Meanwhile the number of Tenured Leftists openly calling for violence and murder grows.  The leftist Attorney General never prosecutes such people for their calls to murder.  They are just engaged in protected speech, you see, unlike Rabbis who write controversial books or Non-Leftist protesters expressing their opinions boisterously.  Many of the tenured extremists seek to suppress academic freedom for Non-Leftists, especially for critics of the Left, and also freedom of speech.  Goldblum, the initiator of the petition for "recognition of the State of Palestine," has a long track record of filing anti-democratic harassment SLAPP suits against those who disagree with his extremist opinions.   Ben Dror Yemini, a Dean of Israeli journalism, has denounced Goldblum as an anti-democratic fanatic.

The Israeli signers of the petition calling upon European countries and others to negate Israeli sovereignty and to "recognize" the "state" of "Palestine" not only hate their own country, but they also hate basic democracy and human freedoms.   "Peace Now," whose name in Hebrew is Shalom Achshav, should change its name to SHISIS = Subverters and Harassers of Israel and of Israelis.   It may yet merge with ISIS.  Its head should be renamed the Grand Israeli Scheisskopf.

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By Steven Plaut


   The past few weeks the media in Israel has been all obsessed with reports that some Israelis are emigrating to Berlin.   Small numbers of Israelis have always emigrated to other countries.  In fact, the numbers were far larger in the 1950s and 1960s (when almost all emigrants were also recent immigrants to Israel).  The fact that some Israelis choose to go to Berlin is a bit disgusting, given Jewish racial memories, but not really all that newsworthy.  The media have attempted to connect the "out-migration to Berlin" with the cost of living in Israel.  If I had a shekel for every newspaper and radio report that says that these people are moving to Berlin because the cost of chocolate pudding is lower there, I could buy Teva.  Why the journalists are so obsessed with chocolate pudding is not really clear.  I propose it be called Puddingate. 


     One wag commented that it is not just chocolate pudding that is cheaper in Berlin.  In Israel one has to pay good money to get a tattoo on one's forearm, whereas in Berlin they are willing to give Jews a tattoo like that for free.   Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, at least has challenged the pudding obsession.  It has repeatedly insisted that Israeli emigrants are going to Berlin because they are so disgusted with the ideology of the ruling Israeli Right.


      Ironically, the truth about the pudding emigration came out today in the same Haaretz.  To explain this, it needs to be pointed out that Haaretz is really a mix of two different newspapers.  There is the regular daily dose of treason, contained in the main section of the newspaper and in all of the Op-Ed and "analytic" pieces, poorly disguised even as it infiltrates into almost all the news stories.   But then there is a second Haaretz, which is the "Marker" business supplement.  The Marker is run by a completely separate team.  While as anti-Likud as the main newspaper moghuls, the "Marker" is not only the best business daily in Israel by far, it also tends to be the only voice of free market economic policy in Israel.  Go figure.  The main Haaretz is basically a communist front rag, but its business supplement is free market, anti-Histadrut, and proud of it!  My guess is that two thirds of Haaretz subscribers buy it because of the Marker.


     The Marker today fills in the missing facts about the hysteria over pudding emigration to Berlin.  As it turns out, emigration these days from Israel is actually at an all-time low (in fact, the lowest since the 1970s), and far lower than immigration to Israel from Europe and the rest of the world.  Emigration from Israel is also remarkably SMALL when compared to that from other OECD countries.  Switzerland, by comparison, suffers from a gargantuan plague of emigrants running to escape their country.  And the main reason for the remarkably LOW rate of out-migration from Israel is the high and rising standard of living in Israel and the low level of unemployment.   It is estimated that there are a total of 3,065 people living in Berlin with Israeli citizenship, probably most of them Israelis who had grown up in Germany or Russian Jews who did not find their place in Israeli society and chose to move to Berlin.


   Poor Haaretz!  How is it going to sell its snake oil about emigration being a vote of no confidence in the Israeli Right when the data about emigration come from the very pages of Haaretz itself!?!    

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Conspiracist Lunacy at Haaretz

1.  When Amira Hass Merges with Barry Chamish

One of the stranger trends is the obsession with conspiracism on the part of the Radical Left and the Neo-Nazi Right.  Strangely, they tend to feed off of one another and reinforce one another. The silliest inventor of conspiracy fiction regarding the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin is the perpetually unemployed UFO chaser Barry Chamish, who publishes his "theories" on the web sites run by Holocaust Deniers. Many of his "theories" get picked up by the Ultra-Left, such as an old Chamish fiction about how supposedly the Zionists irradiated Mizrachi children for ringworm (see ).

Now Amira Hass, the pro-terror Tokyo Rose from Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, joins the feeding frenzy. In her column yesterday in Haaretz, she grants credence to the conspiracist "theories" about supposed cases of "kidnapped" Yemenite children. This is an old urban legend in Israel that has long been completely discredited. The conspiracy nuts claim that Yemenite Jewish children were "kidnapped" from their parents in the 1950s and handed over to Ashkenazi parents illegally for adoption. 

Except no one can find any. Multiple state commissions of investigation checked out the claims over and over and could not find a single case of an abduction or illegal adoption. But, like the 9-11 Troofer cult, the "theories" live on among the IQ-challenged and the hopelessly-bored mentally ill. And now even Amira Hass takes time off from promoting the Hamas to dredge them up. Hass by the way recently came out and ENDORSED the claims by Abu Mazen that Israel carried out "genocide" in Gaza.

In the same column in Haaretz she invents her own new Chamashite fiction, where she claims that during Israel's War of Independence Israel built "concentration camps" for "Palestinians." What she seems to be talking about were some prisoner-of-war camps designed to hold 5000 enemy prisoners during the war. Hass would like us to believe that the operation of such detention camps for enemy fighters was nothing short of Auschwitz. And she immediately compares it to the massive conspiracy to abduct Yemenite babies.

2.  So the master plan of Yair Lapid, Israel's Finance Minister, for reducing the high cost of housing in Israel is to increase demand for housing (by granting buyers an exemption from VAT taxes) while doing nothing at all to change supply of housing. Can anyone see anything wrong with this plan?

3.  Peace Now leftists demanding that Britain recognize the "state" of "Palestine"

Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) Spurring the British Parliament to Recognize an Arab State of Palestine

Goldblum authors a desperate plea, to which Liel also gives his name, for other Israeli ultra-leftists to join their anti-democratic measure to circumvent peace negotiations and create a belligerent Arab state in the Israeli heartland as a reward for terror.

"We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we the undersigned urge members of the UK parliament to vote in favour of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014 calling on the British Government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel"

4.   Can the Messiah be far off? An unprecedented attack against the leftwing fascism of "Peace Now" appears in Haaretz today as an Op-Ed.  Hebrew only: 

5.   Tel Aviv University's Adi Ophir supervises some research:,7340,L-4579578,00.html

The defender of the beheaders

Ben-Dror Yemini

She's Israeli. She's Jewish. She'd really like to write "love 'em!" about the Jihad's beheaders; but "in the storm of the present, it could be construed as cause for arrest."


It certainly is an exasperating present, in which a fascist majority isn't very enamored with the beheaders. And it's getting worse. Islamic State's public defender views the beheadings as a "refreshing form of dialogue," and she'd "really love to make kale for them." Her name is Anat Rimon-Or – a lecturer and teacher. She teaches at colleges. She taught at Beit Berl and also at high schools.


Along the spectrum of opinions in Israeli society, there are ones like these too. Clearly it was going to take a little while before members of the post-colonial cult began to offer up justifications for Islamic State too. It's not very complicated. You copy the standard blah-blah against colonialism – West, Zionism, white man, America, Europe – and the dish is ready. Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein have already made pilgrimages to Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah. They are, after all, united in the struggle against Israel; thus the road linking madness on the left and the Jihadi madness was paved a long time ago.


Israel is a democracy. If someone were to claim that this madness is poisoning students, the outcry in support of freedom of speech would shift into high gear. She knows she can do it. After all, any form of criticism of this madness is viewed here as McCarthyism. So what's left to do? We need to make it clear to her students and pupils that a degree of caution is required when listening to her.


To get to the crux of the matter in just a few words: Rimon-Or bases her support for the Islamic State murderers on the claim that they are only responding to the misdeeds of the Americans, who are killing a lot more people with their tools of destruction – and "the more primitive and vulgar means" of the Jihad are nothing compared to that.


Before any of her students adopt this pseudo-sophisticated nonsense, one should remind them that the thousands who are being murdered in the name of Jihad in general, and the Islamic States' victims in particular, are in fact Muslims and Arabs. Only a handful are Westerners. But that's enough for her. Because the postcolonial school of thought is essentially racist.


It absolves "the others" of any responsibility. It rants and raves about the fact that two or three Westerners have been murdered. It turns the Jihad into an entity concerned with protest or the righting of social wrongs. It disregards the mass-murder festival. It ignores the fact that girls and women are being turned into sex slaves.


Whether any of that is of interest to her is doubtful. Rimon-Or, like many of her fellow followers of the same school of thought, is stuck like a scratched record in an anti-colonial model that has long since lost touch with reality. And the truth of the matter is that all the Jihad offshoots, from Boko Haram and through to the Taliban, operate with the same degree of barbarity, with or without Americans or Zionists in the vicinity. The Jihad groups perpetrate massacres against blacks and Muslims after all.


But let's not confuse the followers of this post-colonial school of thought with facts. The fact that the new mass murderers have also beheaded three Westerners is enough to get them to dive in with their theories.


Among other things, Rimon-Or has written a tiresome article under the title, "The Nazi Evil and the State of Israel," which, much to her chagrin, all the newspaper editors refused to publish. But fret not. Islamic State's anti-colonial newspaper will be happy to run it.


How did such a radical phenomenon emerge from within the Israeli academe? Well, it turns out that her doctoral advisor was Adi Ophir, a veteran member of the anti-Zionist school of thought..... 

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The Two Biggest Mysteries of Israeli History

1.  Candidate for the Stupidest Academic of the Year:

Yonatan Mendel, from the Department of Politics (as in Neve Gordon) from Ben Gurion "University" for his quote in Haaretz today:

'If the status quo continues, then "peace in exchange for peace" - the current Israeli slogan - is a falsehood. First and foremost because it ignores the fact that even when things are quiet in Israel, in Gaza the frustration builds, and secondly because it hides from Israelis the fact that as long as Gaza despair is not replaced with hope there can never be peace.'

(Since the hope of the Gazans is to ship all the Jews off to death camps, Mendel does not want them to suffer from their hope being frustrated!)

2,  The following are the two most mysterious unanswered questions from Israeli history:

   1. How could it be that, after the fiasco of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the Israeli Labor Party did not instantly disintegrate and disappear altogether and permanently from the political map of the country?

   2. How could it be that, after the fiasco of the Oslo "Accords" in 1994, the Israeli Labor Party did not instantly disintegrate and disappear altogether and permanently from the political map of the country?

3.  After its success in launching thousands of rockets at the Jews from Gaza, "Peace Now" has plans for yet another success in its battle against the existence of Israel:

The heads of Peace Now have recently declared that "Withdrawal is still a good idea." Kind of a shame that their fathers did not think the same thing....

A play on words in Hebrew. The "Peace Now" organization is called "Shalom Achshav" in Hebrew, adapted to: "Shalom Ach-Shav – "Futile Peace"

4.  Ah yes, Sweden, the country that was too cowardly to pick a side in either World War.  The country that shipped iron ore to Hitler to build his tanks.

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Renaming the "Two State Solution"

1.  The Labor Party in Israel plus the Livni Gang plus Meretz argue that, sure, the Gaza "withdrawal" produced war, terror, rockets and Hamastan, but that is because it was implemented without any signed "agreement" with the "Palestinians." If THEY were to be in charge, they would "withdraw" from the West Bank as part of a signed agreement and that of course would make all the difference.

So I have a question for them. What exactly is the difference between a terrorist who beheads you and a terrorist who signs a formal treaty and agreement swearing never to behead you but then beheads you? Please explain.

2.  This is quite a remarkable article about Jewish leftist anti-Semitism, and it is even more remarkable that it ran in Haaretz.  Worth reading:


Let's rename the so-called "Two State Solution" as "The Proposal to Convert the West Bank into a New Terrorist Rocket Launching Base in order to allow Peace Now and Meretz to feel Righteous about themselves."

From Haaretz' edition for Yom Kippur:

Just in time for Yom Kippur, Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, today runs an Op-Ed by Yonatan Geffen, the aging hippy and nephew of Moshe Dayan, in which he proclaims:

"Netanyahu rejects the accusations that Israel carried out genocide because Israel did not finish murdering the entire Palestinian people. There are still some residuals of that people that can still be murdered in the next round..... Netanyahu is not only proud of the fact that the most moral of armies did not carry out genocide but even warned the Palestinian nation that it was about to be murdered by that army."

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Israeli Court-Ordered Dating Services and Day Camps for African Infiltrators

   Court-Ordered Dating Services and Day Camps for African Infiltrators



   The Op-Ed article in Yediot Ahronot October 2, 2015 today is particularly noteworthy because it is written by Amnon Abramovitch.  He is a hardcore leftist and ordinarily one of the most radical commentators in the newspaper and on Channel Two News.  During the recent Gaza war demonstrators held a noisy protest against him in front of his home.  But the fact that he wrote this Op-Ed shows you how deep is the rage and resentment against the Israeli Supreme Court for its recent outrageous and unconstitutional decision to order the Israeli government to release all illegal infiltrators from Africa from detention.  It extends into the Radical Left.


    The Supreme Court's decision may be among the most unpopular in its long history of judicial activism and anti-democratic arrogance.   There is no basis whatsoever for unelected judges to overturn the will of the elected representatives of the people with regard to anti-infiltrator policy.   The reason why the massive tsunami of illegal infiltrators dried up in recent months has been because the Africans know that, if they sneak into Israel, they will be placed in detention centers and prevented from working (or stealing) to obtain funds to send to their families.  Because of the slowness and the weakness of the government in responding to the problem, large swaths of southern Tel Aviv have been converted into a large Third World African miasma.


    The presence of the infiltrators and the crime and disease they bring with them triggered massive outrage among Israelis.  The government finally woke up and passed the law allowing the holding of the illegals in detention centers until they are deported.   Not a single country in Africa, by the way, allows massive immigration of these same Eritreans and Sudanese.


    But Israel's imperious court is composed of judges who do not live in the neighborhoods filled with the Africans.  Ignoring Israeli law and common sense, ignoring the will of the people, the imperious judges simply ruled, with no legal basis, that the law passed by the parliament is illegal.   By "illegal" the leftist judges mean that they personally disagree with it.   But no one elected THEM to make laws.  The Chief Justice of the Court himself  denounced the ruling as misguided and arrogant.


    In his column columnist Abramovitch rakes the judges over the coals and rips the masks of judicial seriousness off their faces.  He cites in particular the bases for the ruling as written for the majority by Judge Uzi Fogelman.  There Fogelman rationalizes the verdict by claiming that if the illegal African infiltrators are held in detention centers: "Then how will the infiltrators be able to fill their lives with meaning?   How will they find partners to form couples?  What sort of hobbies will they be able to pursue?"


     No, it is not a Purim gag.  This judge believes that these considerations, dating and hobbies for Africans, trump the right of Israelis to rid themselves of the illegals.  As Abramovitch says, the judge thinks Israel should be a large dating service, a sort of African version of J-Date.  He says he reread Israel's Declaration of Independence and found nothing there about Israel's obligation to provide African criminals with vacation packages and day camps.  But the Court insists that the human rights of Israelis must be subordinate to the right of Africans to have day camps.



Monday, September 29, 2014

Tokyo Rose from Jihad Avenue




        For those who require empirical proof that God has a sense of humor, along comes the delicious story of Amira Hass and Ilan Pappe being prohibited from speaking at the West Bank Bir Zeit "university."


     Amira Hass is the Tokyo Rose of the Middle East conflict.  She is the most openly anti-Israel and pro-jihadi "journalist" at Haaretz, challenged for the title only by Gideon Levy.  She has been convicted of libel and lying in court ( ).  Here she announces that she can't stand Jews:    Ilan Pappe is the Lord Haw Haw of the conflict.  One-time lecturer at the University of Haifa where he was hired entirely on the basis of his anti-Israel diatribes, he is now in the  UK at the University of Exeter, where he churns out malicious Goebbels-like propaganda pieces about how Israel commits "ethnic cleansing."   Pappe is the inventor of the Tantora Massacre Hoax (see ).


    It turns out both clowns wanted to speak at an anti-Israel event being held on the "Palestinian" campus.  It was a conference about "alternatives to neo-liberal development."   For those of you unaware of it, "Neo-Liberal" is a nonsense word used by leftists and basically means non-communist.  That is why leftists always condemn neo-liberalism (see ).   The problem is that the campus has a rule that no Jew may step foot there.  So the two anti-Semitic Jews were denied entry because they are Jews.  Tokyo Rose was denied entry into Tokyo.  None of their followers issued any condemnation of the apartheid evident in the Bir Zeit policy of No Jews or Dogs Allowed.


    Tokyo Rose went so far as to DEFEND in Haaretz the decision by Bir Zeit to exclude her from campus because she is a Jew.  After all, she is part of the nation that is oppressing the poor "Palestinians" and denying them their rights.  I am sure she would also justify Kristallnacht in Germany with a similar argument.  For more, see this: .  Haaretz defended the Bir Zeit apartheid rule here:




2.  The "Palestinian" terrorist "President" Abu Mazen claims in the UN that Israel committed "genocide" in Gaza. This from the most notorious Holocaust Denier in the Middle East. Meaning the Jews and not Nazi Germany are guilty of genocide. So just why does anyone in the Israeli Left think there is anything at all that can be "discussed" with this animal?   Since the Pestilinians and their amen choruses have been insisting for months that firing 5000 missiles at Israeli civilians just does not count, and certainly does not constitute a war crime or terrorism, why should Israel not respond to the "genocide speech" by Pestilinian "president" Abu Mazen by firing 5000 tomorrow morning at Gazans?



3.      Obama upset because too many Israelis want to abandon appeasement (which he calls abandoning peace)   



4.   Breaking news:  The murderer in Oklahoma was just anti-dandruff!


"Police Say No Evidence Muslim Beheader Who Called for Beheadings in the Name of Islam is Linked to Terrorism"


The funniest thing about the 21st century is that all those radical Islamists really would like it if Westerners decided they wish to become Muslims, and the radicals seriously think that all the beheadings will make the Westerners want to convert!



5.  The Metropolitan Opera in NY has just announced it will be staging Titanic II, a sequel to the highly successful movie about the Titanic from the 1990s. In it, the Jack character played by Leonardo DiCaprio gets fished out of the sea and is set down in a wheelchair to recover. But just then a group of Palestinians take over the ship and toss "Jack" with his wheelchair into the waves.  In the background is a face of Yassir Arafat and the song being sung by Celine Dion, Everynight I Dream of You I Bomb You I Keeeeel You!

Get your tickets now!



6.   "Understanding" Islam:



7.   PPPSSSSTTTTT!  Let Obama know. Gazans are emitting greenhouse gases!!



8.  Remember how the US wanted Israel to pay "reparations" for having killed some Turkish terrorists on the "Gaza Flotilla" terror ships? Well:,7340,L-4575328,00.html



9.  He was just giving her a Heads Up!

10.  Remember the Barbra Streisand classic song, Second Hand Rose?   You can see it on Youtube here: .   You can read the original lyrics here:

Well I would like you to join me in the new take-off on Barbra's classic.  It is Called Tokyo Rose.  Same melody.,  Here are the new lyrics

It's no wonder that I feel abused
I never write a thing that ain't confused
I'm wearing now my chador

For my Tokyo Rose pose

Tokyo Rose pose

For it's the jihad I chose

My mind is so closed

Even my chador in the parlor
My Schocken Daddy bought for just a dollar
Treasonous snarlin'
I'm your Tokyo Rose darlin'
I never get a single think that's Jew
Even Ahmed bomber, he's a man I adore
He had the noyve to tell me he'd exploded before!

Everyone knows that I'm just
Tokyo Rose
From Jihad Avenue!
From Jihad Avenue!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What about the Miranda warnings for ISIS?

1.  You mean the US and its Arab "allies" are bombing the bejeebers out of ISIS? But what about Miranda warnings to those being bombed and their rights under due process and the rule of law? What about proportionality? How many bombs has the US dropped and why is it hundreds of times greater than the number of bombs planted in the US by the jihadis? What about women and children killed and injured by the US bombings? What about the human rights of ISIS fighters er militants er activists? What happened to the slogan that war solves nothing? That negotiations are the only way to make peace? That one can only make peace with one's enemies? And how come the very Arab countries that only yesterday considered Israel's bombing of Hamas terrorists to be genocide are suddenly reliable US "allies"? Countries whose human rights records are if anything worse than that of ISIS? Why is the US not denounced as a Nazi-like genocidal apartheid regime when it bombs ISIS terrorists? 

Or - better yet - sit tight - it yet will be so denounced.

2.  In Israel there is one anti-democratic institution that threatens the rule of law, and threatens the very democratic order of society. It is an arrogant unrepresentative institution of unelected people seeking to topple representative democracy and to usurp for itself the role of law making, denying it to the people and to their representatives. It is an institution seeking to create a form of tyranny, with itself seizing and usurping the reins of power. It seeks to eliminate checks and balances in government, by imposing its own rule upon the executive branch and the legislature.

That institution is the Israeli Supreme Court.

3.  You might think it is not exactly a great stride forward when someone says that it is not ONLY Israel that is to blame for the lack of peace, and that the "Palestinians" are "also" to blame. But in this case the person making that statement is the clueless Dean of the Israeli Literary Left A.B. Yehoshua. So if even A.B. is showing the first glimmerings of brain function activity, this hours before Rosh Hashana, perhaps there is really hope that this could be a new year of peace and sanity.

The Palestinians are also to blame -
If the Palestinians had truly wanted to be liberated from the metastasizing occupation and establish a Palestinian state before it is too late, they should have aspired to a swift separation.
By A.B. Yehoshua | Sep. 23, 2014 | 8:42 PM

4.   Tikkun Magazine Call for Mass March against Social Injustice:

In the Shulkhan Arukh, marijuana plants or cannabis are prohibited for use as Succah coverage. They cannot be held together with the lulav as a sort of Fifth Kind of Fifth Min. The Orthodox establishment has failed to endorse the psak of several Tikkun Rabbis holding that smoking hashish on the sabbath is not only permitted but is downright mandatory. The time has come for a Million Manperson Tikkun March. Bring your own LSD and weed, dude.

Pass it on!

Michael of Meaning, Rabbi Moonbeam, Michael Lerner the LSD-touting "liberation theology" pseudo-rabbi publisher of Tikkun magazine, has announced that he has just learned that communism does not work and that only capitalism can lift the masses of people out of starvation and poverty. Accordingly he will be changing the name of Tikkun Magazine to Tycoon Magazine.

5.  PPPSSSSTTTTT! Let Obama know. Gazans are emitting greenhouse gases!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Likud Continues to Stack the Court with Leftists



The late eminent jurist Prof. Robert Bork once said that Israel has the worst Supreme Court in the democratic world ( ).   While in its early decades it was governed by moderation and respect for the rule of law, in recent decades Israel's Supreme Court has behaved as an imperious threat to democracy, seeking to impose the will of a gang of unelected judges upon the country, vetoing the will of the people as expressed in the legislature of elected representatives.  The Court has been dominated by the anti-democratic doctrine of judicial activism, under which judges can just make up the law as they go along and overturn laws passed by elected representatives of the people on a whim.  Aharon Barak as Chieg Justice insisted that it is the job of the Court to impose "enlightened opinion" on the country, meaning leftist ideology.  He was not impeached.  In fact you cannot impeach any judge in Israel.


One of the worst outrages of judicial activism just took place, when the Supreme Court voted to veto a law passed by the Knesset and to order the freeing of all illegal African infiltrators being held in Israeli prisons.  Interestingly, the Chief Justice himself voted against the ruling and denounced his colleagues on the bench for it.  Almost no one in the country approves of the verdict.  And there is no constitutional basis whatsoever for it. 


If Netanyahu had any backbone he would order the government to ignore the ruling altogether.  There are proposals for a "bypass Supreme Court" act of legislation in this regard in the Knesset, but such proposals have often been heard and never passed.  The imperious justices do not live in the neighborhoods that have been turned into high-crime disease-ridden Third World slums by the presence of thousands of illegal infiltrators from Africa.


To make matters worse, the government led by the Likud and Netanyahu just announced the appointment of two MORE justices to the Supreme Court and they are both leftwing judicial activists.  One is the anti-democratic ex-Attorney General, Manny Mazuz.  As Attorney General, he unabashedly pursued the agenda of the Left under Likud governments.  He attacked the Jewish National Fund (but not the Islamic Waqf) for purchasing and using lands it owns to advance Jewish national goals.  He warred against freedom of speech for non-leftists and indicted rabbis for daring to express opinions and for writing books.


If this sounds bizarre, it is important to emphasize that the main goal of all Likud governments has always been to implement the political agenda of the Labor Party.  Basically, the Likud's position has always been that people should vote for it because it will pursue the Labor Party's agenda even better than the Labor Party.  Most of the leftist judicial activists on the bench in Israel were put there by Likud governments.


And it is not only in such judicial appointments that the Likud promotes the Left.  In state prizes, anti-Israel activists are guaranteed to get the "Israel Prize" under the Likud, and films comparing Israel to Nazi Germany are guaranteed state funding.  Limor Livnat, the Likud's "Minister of Culture," just announced an award will be granted to Yehoshua Sobel, the country's most extremist anti-Israel playwright.      

2.  Who really are the BDSholes?   See 

3.  Lying about discrimination with statistics: 

4.  Save the goats:

Peace at Last. Peace at Last.

Peace at Last, Peace at Last

It was in the year 2018 The Israelis at long gave up their attempts to resist the pressures of the world. They elected a new government headed by Prime Minister Yossi Beilin, the original promoter of the Oslo Peace Process, in coalition with the Jewish and Arab parties of the Left. They announced that Israel was willing to accept the unanimous proposal for peace supported by every single country in the world, and would return to its pre-1967 borders, remove all Jewish settlements from the territories of the new state of Palestine, recognize Palestine, and grant Palestine all of East Jerusalem, that is, all of the city located east of a line running north-south through Zion Square, renamed Jihad Square.

The world had not seen celebration like it since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the transferal of power in South Africa to the black majority. All-night celebrations were held in every city on the planet, but none so enthusiastic as the party held in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square. Speaker after speaker appeared under a banner "Liberation at Last", and praised the decision to agree to the terms of the accord as the ultimate completion of the work and dreams of Yitzhak Rabin.

The settlers were marched out of the lands of Palestine at bayonet point, with crowds of jeering Israeli leftists pelting them with garbage as they moved into their temporary transit camps inside Green Line Israel. Liberal Jews in the United States organized a million man march in Washington together with Arabs and the Nation of Islam to celebrate the breaking out of peace and final settlement of the conflict. Peace at Last was the number one pop single. The State Department sent out a message urging Israel and Palestine to conduct good-faith negotiations and round-the-clock talks on all outstanding issues of disagreement still separating the two sovereign states. At long last, there were two states for two peoples. Land had been exchanged for peace. Peace had at long last broken out in the world's most troubled region.

The morning after the Palestine Independence Celebrations, the message arrived in the Israeli parliament, brought in by special messenger. The newly formed government of Palestine had only a small number of issues it would like to discuss with Israel. It proposed that peaceful relations be officially consummated as soon as Israel turned over to Palestine the Galilee and the Negev.

Israeli cabinet ministers were nonplussed. We thought we had settled all outstanding territorial issues by giving the Palestinians everything, they protested. The spokesman for the Palestine War Ministry explained. The Galilee was obviously part of the Arab homeland. It was filled with many Arabs, and in many areas had an Arab population majority. Israel was holding 100% of the Galilee territory, and Palestine none at all, and surely that was unfair. As for the Negev, it too has large areas with Arab majorities, but is in fact needed so that Palestine can settle the many Palestinian refugees from around the world in lands and new homes.

Israel's government preferred not to give offense and sour the new relations, and so offered to take the proposal under consideration. Within weeks, endorsements of the Palestinian proposal were coming from a variety of sources. The Arab League endorsed it. The EU approved a French proposal that the Galilee and Negev be transferred to Palestine in stages over 3 years.

Within Israel, many voices were heard in favor of the proposal. Large rallies were held on the universities. The Israeli press endorsed the idea almost in full unison, with only some regional weeklies from the north and south dissenting. Israeli film producers began turning out documentaries on the sufferings of Galilee and Negev Arabs under Israeli rule. Sociologists from around the world produced studies showing that these Arabs were victims of horrible discrimination and that Israel is characterized by institutional racism. Israeli poets and novelists wrote passionate appeals for support of the Galilee and Negev Others.

When Israel's cabinet rejected the proposal, the pressures mounted. A Galilee and Negev Liberation Organization was founded and immediately granted recognition by the UN General Assembly. It established consulate facilities in 143 countries.

Weeks later the infiltrations began. Squads of terrorists infiltrated the borders between Palestine and Israel, and suicide bombers produced a carnage of 75 murdered Jews a day. The border fences were reinforced, but to no avail. The US State Department proposed that Israel defuse the situation by considering compromise on the matters of the Galilee and Negev.

Six months later, the Galilee and Negev victims of Jewish discrimination decided to escalate their protests. Gangs of Arabs lynched Jews throughout the disputed territories. Roadblocks were set up, and entire families of Jews were dragged from their cars by the activists and beaten to death or doused with flames. The EU sent in observers, but warned Israel that there is no military solution to the problems of terrorism and violence. When Israel arrested gang leaders from the riots, the General Assembly denounced Israeli state terrorism against Galilee and Negev Arabs. French universities gave the pogrom leaders, Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bashara, honorary doctorates.

Meanwhile, boycotts of Israel arose throughout Europe. Professors at the US Ivy League colleges demanded a total embargo and divestment from ties with Israel until it ended its racist apartheid regime. The leaders of the Reform synagogue movement supported the State Department and demanded that Israel end its obstinacy.

Israel's own leftists launched a Movement against Apartheid, and the foreign press reported that 400,000 protested attended a rally by the Movement in Rabin Square. Cars around Israel had bumper stickers that read "My Son Will Not Die for Nazareth", and "Peace Now". The Israeli Labor Party proposed erecting a series of separating barriers throughout the Galilee under the slogan "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors".

But Palestine could not sit idly by. Barrages of rockets and mortars drenched Israeli cities. The death toll rose to 7000 Israelis per month. The White House and State Department threatened to cut off all supplies from Israel if it dared to launch reprisal raids against independent Palestine. Large cargo ships from Egypt laden with advanced arms entered the port of Gaza. Thousands of volunteers streamed into Palestine to assist in the campaign to rescue the Galilee and Negev Arabs from Israeli oppression.

On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, tank columns cut Israel in two just north of Tul Karem. Palestine offered to withdraw in exchange for transferring the Negev and Galilee to its control. An Israeli newspaper and the Israeli Peace Movement proposed transferring the disputed areas to EU control until things could be settled.

Synagogues in Belgium and France were torched. Teach-ins for Palestine were held on US campuses. A new conference was called in Durban to denounce Israeli apartheid. The White House insisted that Israel not expel the invading Palestine troops who had divided the country, for it was a matter for negotiations and dialogue. The President invited both sides to Camp David, with observers from the Negev and Galilee militias present.

Increasing numbers of Israeli politicians urged that Israel respond to the situation by granting limited autonomy to the Negev and the Galilee. The Americans offered to send in ground troops to protect the remaining Israeli territories if Israel decided to accept the proposal to give up the Negev and Galilee. Let's at long last have peace in the hills that Jesus roamed, suggested the President.

Jews living in the Galilee and Negev were under siege everywhere, and the roads were unsafe. The road through the Negev to Eilat was cut by militia gangs in four places. Leftist Israeli professors officially joined the Arab militias fighting for liberation. Two of them blew themselves up on a Jewish school bus to show their solidarity with the oppressed Arabs. Ahmed Tibi, head of the largest militia, insisted he was doing everything possible to stop the suicide attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa from the Galilee, but the Americans demanded that he do more. The UK demanded 100% effort to stop the violence. The PLO proposed as a compromise that instead of being annexed by Palestine, the Negev and Galilee be allowed to form a separate state. The Arab League endorsed the idea.

CNN broadcast a series of specials on the plight of the Negev and Galilee Arabs, and the BBC started referring to Tel Aviv as illegally occupied Arab Jaffa. Netanya and Beer Sheba were described by them as illegal colonial settlements. When the carnage exceeded 10,000 a month, the New York Times for the first time expressed regret in having promoted the peace process and ran as its lead headline "Oops". The Washington Post however urged more Israeli flexibility and concessions. The publishers of Tikkun Magazine and the Reconstructionist movement announced they would be merging with the American Buddhist Society and ISIS.

The Negev and Galilee Liberation organizations raised their flags over their towns and proposed that the Jews living in their territories be resettled elsewhere. The Palestine War Ministry was shipping them guns and explosives. The first word came of a detention camp north of Nazareth in which Jews expelled from their Galilee homes were being concentrated, with a second camp opened in the Negev near Rahat. Strange black smoke rose from the chimneys.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


1.  The Israeli expatriate Israel-hating professor professor at Oxford Avi "Slimy" Shlaim has been in the news (see below) for claiming that it was actually Israel that started the recent war in Gaza because Israel dared to return fire. Well, Slimy Shlaim has been in the news before. Back when the Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein was trying to get tenured at DePaul University without having nay academic publications, the Finkelstein lobby recruited two academic street walkers to write glowing letters of recommendation for Fink. One was Shlaim. The other was Penn's Ian Lustick. It did not help them - DePaul (unlike Ben Gurion University) has standards and denied Fink tenure.

2.  I often find the Torah (and Bible in general) to have interesting insights into human nature and psychology. Take the use of the word Amen in this past week's Torah portion from near the end of Deuteronomy. Amen appears there repeatedly, and it is nearly the only place in the Torah where the word appears. (It does make an early passing appearance in the ritual of the "bitter waters" for a wife suspected by her husband of being unfaithful. )

But the repeated use of the word in this past week's portion may be the actual origin of the practice of using the word Amen as a response to blessings and prayers. But the matter is far more intriguing. In the portion, it is used there only as an answer to the curses read atop the Mount of Curses in the ceremony of the two mountains around Nablus/Shchem, and NOT as a response to the blessings read there. Indeed, in the Torah's "bitter waters" episode it is also a response to threats or a curse.

That is right - in the Torah, Amen (meaning roughly You Better Believe It Sonny) is a response to threats and curses, not to blessings. Blessings do not get answered with Amen. Perhaps it is all an interesting commentary on human nature and on just when and over what people are in need of hearing You Better Believe It, Boychik. 

Making it an intriguing mystery how the use of the word altered over time to be the mechanical response to hearing someone say a blessing. And more generally, what exactly the Amen word was intended to convey. 

It seems to me that the Torah-based appropriate response to hearing anyone say the Hamas terrorrhoids in Gaza should be bombed into the Stone Age - should be Amen.

3.   Interesting piece: 

4,  You probably heard about this demand from Egypt that the Jews return all the "gold" they took with them at the time of the Biblical Exodus:

In response:  We demand back wages for the the 400 years or so of slavery, computed at the minimum wage, capitalized forward with compound interest and adjusted for inflation to 2014, all of which is - I believe  - greater than the total capital asset stock of the planet, and then we can discuss this demand by the Gyptians.

5.   Yes it is anti-Semitism:,7340,L-4570484,00.html

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